Still Unnamed

I have a stupid sense of humor.
My taste in music doesn't make any sense.
Hollywood sucks and I'm a film student.
Games are cool but they're hard to make.

The Phoenix Kickstarter »


While investigating the murder of a young boy during the late 1960′s, Detective Roscoe is led down a path of horrific discovery.

The Phoenix Kickstarter has risen! Please watch and share, there are some great rewards for pledging including posters, props used in the film, and a horror movie night with the crew. Thank you all for the support!


After visiting our office location, we found some pleasant surprises! Like some antique books, an excellent view of Denton, and some new shot ideas!


Walking through the woods planning for Sunday’s shoot. Once we found a skull hanging on a tree, we knew we chose the right forest.

Some photos I took.